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Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee Chair response to government plans to tackle energy crisis

8 September 2022

In response to Prime Minister Liz Truss’ announcement of a freeze on energy bills.

Chair's comment

Chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee Darren Jones said:

“Although many are relieved that their energy bills will rise little further for the time-being, we must not forget that more than a million are set to sink into poverty without further support and will still be forced to make the stark choice between heating and eating this winter. The level at which prices will be frozen is still more than double the price it was last summer. 

Borrowing to fund these measures adds an eye watering amount to Government debt, which taxpayers will be paying off over decades whilst excessive and unexpected profits are still being made by certain companies.

Whilst welcome, this is a temporary response to an urgent issue. If the Government is serious about tackling the energy crisis Ministers will quickly follow through with announcements on home insulation - the permanent solution to reducing energy bills - and further expansion of renewable energy. 

Fracking and new drilling in the North Sea will do nothing to change prices and won’t produce new energy for at least half a decade. They will however make it much harder for the U.K. to hit its net zero targets to tackle climate change.”

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Image: pixabay