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Climate Assembly UK members to share views with BEIS Committee

11 June 2021

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee’s inquiry following up on the proposals of Climate Assembly UK begins on Tuesday morning (10.30am), with an evidence session where the Committee hears directly from members of the public who took part in the Assembly.

The BEIS Committee’s inquiry follows up on the proposals of Climate Assembly UK, published in September 2020.

Ahead of the evidence hearing, the BEIS Committee has published the written evidence submissions it has received, from a range of stakeholders, including business, industry and academic groups, consumer organisations, lobby groups, think tanks, and statutory bodies.

The written evidence submissions cover a range of issues relating to the impact of the Climate Assembly UK on the Government and the public, and how the Government could use the Climate Assembly report to engage the public on the transition to net-zero.

The evidence session on Tuesday will hear from Climate Assembly participants, climate change experts, including Prof Rebecca Willis, Climate Assembly UK Expert Lead and Professor in Practice at Lancaster University, and Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth.

Chair's comment

Darren Jones, Chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, said:

“On Tuesday, we look forward to hearing the views of members of the public who took part in the Climate Assembly UK and who produced such an impressive report, which provided a clear steer on the path to net zero.

As we move to decarbonise our heating and transport, people across the country will come face-to-face with the changes required to meet our decarbonisation targets. It’s crucial we do that with the support of the public, and we will therefore examine how the Climate Assembly report can help Government, business and other stakeholders shape its work in public engagement and education, and how net zero can be reached fairly.

“The Climate Assembly proposed a series of pragmatic principles to inform the decisions we will take, as citizens and as a society, on questions about how we eat and what we buy, to the heating of our homes, and how we conduct business and travel.

The Government has set bold targets to decarbonise, but the public are crying out for more guidance on what net zero means in practice and how we can ensure achieve this goal fairly. ”

Evidence session: Climate Assembly, 10.30am, Tuesday 15 June



  • Sue Peachey, Assembly member
  • Ibrahim Wali, Assembly member

Around 10.50am:

  • David Joffe, Head of Carbon Budgets, Climate Change Committee
  • Rebecca Willis, Expert Lead, Climate Assembly UK, and Professor in Practice, Lancaster University
  • Signe Norberg, Head of Public Affairs and Communications, Aldersgate Group

Around 11.45am:

  • The Rt Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth
  • Chris Thompson, Director of Clean Growth at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Further information

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