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Committee to take evidence on decarbonising heat in homes inquiry

28 May 2021

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee’s inquiry examining the path to decarbonising heating in homes continues on the morning of Tuesday 8th June (10am) with an evidence session looking at how to engage, and protect, consumers in the transition to low carbon domestic heat.

The committee will also also examine issues around the governance and co-ordination of the decarbonisation project.

Purpose of the session 

The session will feature witnesses in the first panel from organisations focused on consumer protection, such as Ombudsman Services and the National Energy Action as well as the Heat Trust, a voluntary consumer protection scheme for heat networks and the trade body the Association for Decentralised Energy.

The second panel will have witnesses from the Committee on Climate Change, National Infrastructure Commission, UK100 and Ofgem.

The evidence hearing is likely to ask questions about how to engage consumers to install low carbon heating systems and how to ensure consumer protections in the transition to low carbon domestic heat.

On Tuesday 8th June, the committee are also likely to look at how the transition to low carbon heating should be governed and what actors need to effectively work together in the transition to low carbon heating.


Please note there is no access to Parliament and the session will have remote participation by witnesses and committee members.

Tuesday 8 June 2021

At 10am:

Consumer protection and engagement

  • Ed Dodman, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Ombudsman Services

  • Stephen Knight, Managing Director, Heat Trust

  • Caroline Bragg, Head of Policy, Association for Decentralised Energy

  • Matthew Copeland, Policy Manager, National Energy Action

At 11am:

Governance and co-ordination

  • Jenny Hill, Head of Buildings and International Action, Committee on Climate Change

  • Neil Kenward, Director of Strategy and Decarbonisation, Ofgem

  • James Richardson, Economist, National Infrastructure Commission

  • Polly Billington, Chief Executive Officer, UK100

Further information

Image: Pixabay