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My BEIS inquiry

5 March 2020

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee launches the ‘My BEIS Inquiry', inviting stakeholders and the wider public to come forward with suggestions for issues the Committee should investigate over the course of this Parliament.

The BEIS Committee is open to looking at issues from across the policy remit of the Department, including areas such as business, Industrial Strategy, consumer protection, corporate governance, jobs and working conditions, energy policy, clean growth and climate change.  

Rachel Reeves MP, Chair of the BEIS Committee said: “We are keen to hear ideas from the public about what they see as the issues the BEIS Committee should be exploring over this Parliament. This is an opportunity for the public, including entrepreneurs, workers, trade unions, campaigners, academics, activists and others from sectors including business and industry, local government, consumer, and energy, to use their expertise and experience to highlight ideas and policy areas which they think need attention. We are eager to see these inquiry proposals and explore how we as a Committee can take the best ideas forward.”

How to take part? 

The Committee wants to hear your ideas about what areas it should look into.  Proposals for inquiries should outline briefly:

  • the nature of the issue that the Committee should explore;
  • why it deserves attention;
  • how Government policy in this area could be developed or improved.  

Proposals should be submitted via this short online form

A selection of the proposals will be shortlisted for an opportunity to give a five minute ‘pitch' to the Committee in person at a public session in Westminster later this year. Members of the Committee will have the chance to ask questions about the proposal at the end of each ‘pitch'. The aim of the meeting would be for Committee Members to learn more about the issue you have raised before taking a final decision on subjects to launch an inquiry on.

The Committee will be selecting submissions based on merit, in particular it will be looking for inquiries that: are within the Committee's remit; are timely; have potential for high impact; bring a new issue to the forefront or a fresh perspective to an existing problem. 

The Committee is not able to take up individual complaints or cases.

‘Pitches' will take place in public evidence sessions to ensure participants' concerns reach a wider audience and be entered into the permanent parliamentary record. 

The Committee values diversity and encourages proposals from people it wouldn't normally hear from, and suggestions for work in areas that it has not previously considered.

The deadline to submit inquiry ideas is Tuesday 31 March 2020.