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Future challenges of the UN discussed by Committee

18 July 2016

The Select Committee on International Relations hears from experts, Professor Sir Adam Roberts of Balliol College Oxford, and Andrew Whitley of The Elders (an independent group of global leaders) on the subject of a 'fit for purpose' UN.


Wednesday 20 July in Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 11:30am

  • Mr Andrew Whitley, Interim CEO, The Elders
  • Sir Adam Roberts, Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford

Possible Questions

  • What challenges should the United Nations prepare for and what can the new Secretary-General do to meet these?
  • What, if any, reforms are needed in order to make the UN 'fit for purpose'?
  • What first steps should the new UNSG take to implement change?
  • Following the UK's departure from the EU, what are likely to be the new challenges and opportunities for the UK in the UN system?
  • Should the UK wish to raise its profile at the UN, and on which issues could the UK show visible leadership?
  • How is the UN development system currently functioning? 

Further information

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