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Committee discusses UK-US relationships in the Middle East

22 February 2017

The International Relations Committee takes evidence on the Middle East Peace Process, the Iranian nuclear deal, and the importance of digital diplomacy.


Wednesday 22 February, Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Daniel Levy, President, US/Middle East Project

At 11:30am (videoconference, UAE)

  • Tom Fletcher, Former UK Ambassador the Lebanon; Author of Naked Diplomacy – Power and Statecraft in the Digital Age

At 2:00pm (videoconference, Washington)

  • Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, IISS Americas

Possible questions

  • How can the UK Government most effectively engage with an influence the Middle East Peace Process?
  • Is it likely that President Trump's initially robust position on the Peace Process will become more nuanced over time?
  • How crucial will the younger generation be in achieving regional change following the Arab Spring? How important will technology be in facilitating this?
  • What, in your view, is the current UK standing in the region and how can this be optimised? How important is access to the UK's education and labour markets to this?
  • The US administration has responded strongly to Iran's testing of ballistic missiles, in your view, does this test violate the UNSC Resolution on ballistic missile testing?
  • Do you think the criticisms made against the short duration of the JCPOA could be remedied by globalising the constraints made on Iran, thus making them less of a 'special case'?
  • Would the US and UK be willing to sign up to such an option?

Further information

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