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Views on the Middle East's changing political landscape sought by Committee

17 October 2016

The Select Committee on International Relations calls for submissions to its inquiry on the changing political and social landscape in the Middle East by 18 November.

Call for evidence

We are looking for views about the major forces transforming the region, its politics and positioning in the changing international landscape, rather than country-by-country analyses. You are not required to answer all of the questions listed here and answers to questions may be submitted separately.


  • What do you foresee are the key changes needed in Western policy and perceptions towards the region?
  • What are the critical shifts in the engagement of external powers (US, UK, China and Russia for example)?
  • How are sub- and supra-state actors (religious, tribal, regional, local and civil society) shaping the politics of the region?
  • Is the ‘hub' role of the Middle East as the world's major fossil fuel energy source coming to an end, and what will that do the politics and economies of the previously oil-rich states?
  • How has the nuclear deal with Iran impacted upon regional relations, particularly with Saudi Arabia?
  • What is the impact of technology on the politics of the region? How is a younger generation throughout the region interacting with politics?
  • How are they using technology to engage with politics or to catalyse new movements? What are the main concerns of the younger generation?

The core component of the inquiry is an assessment of UK policy and therefore, answers to the above should, ideally, also answer one of  the following:

  • What are the UK's interests, direct and indirect, in the region and how have they changed so far?
  • How has UK policy changed following the Arab Spring?
  • What are the consequences for UK policy of any of the above power shifts and how should it respond effectively to emerging challenges?
  • How can the UK's soft power reinforce or replace its defence posture?
  • What are the implications of Brexit for the UK's involvement in the region?

We strongly advise that written evidence is no more than three pages long.


Written evidence is sought by Friday 18 November 2016. Public hearings will be held from October 2016 to February 2017. The Committee aims to publish its report to the House, with recommendations, in April 2017.

Further information

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