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Future US involvement in Middle East discussed by Committee

13 March 2017

The International Relations Committee takes its final evidence session on its Middle East Inquiry from Washington with Center for Strategic and International Studies Director, Jon B. Alterman.


Wednesday 15 March, Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 2.30pm

  • Dr Jon B Alterman, Director, Middle East Programme, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Possible questions

  • Are you able to give us an insight into the decision making processes close to President Trump and who is influencing in the administration is influencing the Middle East policy?
  • President Trump has stated he will take strong action against the self-proclaimed Islamic State group – How would you assess this policy is progressing?
  • It has been suggested the US may be willing to work with Russia and President Assad in Syria to forge a peace deal. Do you envision that any significant level of cooperation between these actors will be actualised?
  • In what areas are there likely to be tactical alliances between the US and Russia in the Middle East?
  • Do you consider there to be a role for the UN in the region, or has the rules based international order been replaced by more ad-hoc coalitions of states, such as those seen by Russia and Turkey?
  • How do you think the threat of aggressive non-state actors is best managed? Is the answer primarily to bolster national security measures?

Further information

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