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Lords Committee to quiz expert ahead of G20 Summit

5 June 2019

The House of Lords International Relations Committee holds a second evidence session on the global economy, ahead of the G20 Summit from 28-29 June in Osaka, Japan.


Wednesday 5 June in Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster

At 11:15am

  • Lord O'Neill of Gatley, Chairman, Chatham House

Possible questions

  • How important a role has the G20 played in global economic governance, and to what extent does it remain fit for purpose?
  • To what extent is the membership of the G20 still appropriate?
  • How would you characterise the state of the global economy? What are the most important economic issues and trends that will be discussed at the G20 Summit in June?
  • Are there issues on which the G20 is likely to make progress at the Summit?
  • The threat of a 'trade war' between the United States and China loomed over the last G20 Summit in Buenos Aires in November/December 2018. To what extent is this threat now a reality, and how will it affect the forthcoming G20 Summit in June?
  • How could the G20 be improved, and what should the UK do to achieve this? 
  • Asian countries have become increasingly important in the global economy. To what extent this demonstrated in international economic governance?

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