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UK strategy, partners and rivals in Sub-Saharan Africa

31 January 2020

The House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee will take evidence on the changes in the UK's strategic approach to SubSaharan Africa, the effectiveness of the African Union and the UK's partners in the region.


Wednesday 5 February, Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster at 10.40am

  • Dr Nick Westcott, Director, Royal African Society

At 11.40am

  • Baroness Amos

Possible questions:

  • What should the Government's priorities be in Africa and how has the UK's strategic approach to Sub-Saharan Africa changed in recent years?
  • How should the Government balance its work to promote trade and investment opportunities with its commitment to poverty reduction?
  • How effective and influential is the African Union on issues of peace and security, and on economic issues?
  • How much does the EU's current approach to Sub-Saharan Africa reflect the UK's approach to the region, and where have there been differences in interest or approach?
  • Which non-African countries are the UK's most important partners in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  • What are the biggest security challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa and how can development assistance be used to tackle them?
  • How influential are China and Russia in the region?

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