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House of Commons Commission decisions – 25 April 2016

27 April 2016


  • The Speaker, in the Chair
  • Sir Paul Beresford
  • Tom Brake
  • Nicholas Brown
  • Chris Bryant
  • Chris Grayling
  • Stewart Hosie
  • Ian Ailles (Director General, House of Commons)
  • David Natzler (Clerk of the House)
  • Dame Janet Gaymer (External member)
  • Jane McCall (External member)

1.   Reports and updates

The Commission noted the oral updates from the Chairs of the Administration Committee, Finance and Audit Committees and from the Director General.

    2.   Main Estimates 2016–17 and medium term financial plan

      The Commission:

      • Agreed a 2016–17 Administration Estimate of £224.6m resource and £83.3m capital;
      • Agreed a 2016–17 non-voted Administration Estimate of £0.1m resource, specifically to fund catering projects from the House of Commons Reserves, in line with the policy agreed by the previous Commission;
      • Agreed to amend the ambit for the Administration Estimate;
      • Noted the Medium Term Financial Plan;
      • Noted the Medium Term Investment Plan;
      • Agreed that grants to the Inter-Parliamentary Bodies, History of Parliament Trust and Association of Former Members be inflated by 1.2% for 2016–17 in line with the agreed remit.

        The MEC:

        • Agreed a 2016–17 Members Estimate of £21.65m resource (reduced by £0.5m to reflect the changes to the Short Money resolution) and £0.2m capital;
        • Agreed to amend the ambit for the Members Estimate.


            3.   Financial Remit 2017–18 – 2020–21

              The Commission:

              • Agreed the headline financial remit;
              • Agreed the exceptions to the headline remit for the Administration Resource Estimate for 2017–18 to 2020–21.

                4.   Director General's Review

                  The Commission:

                  • Noted the Report of the Director General's Review from the Executive Committee.
                  • Agreed the proposed structure of the House Service.
                  • Endorsed the proposals regarding heads of department.
                  • Agreed the revised instrument of delegation to the Executive Committee and endorsed the proposal to establish a Board.
                  • Endorsed the next steps proposed in the paper.

                  5.   Working Group on Northern Estate Programme

                  The Commission agreed to establish an advisory Working Group on decant requirements and recommended appropriate membership.

                  6.   Cyber security – report on progress

                  The Commission noted progress to date on delivering actions.


                  7.   Cyber security – Members' cyber security options

                  The Commission decided in principle that planning and feasibility work should be undertaken in order to provide enhanced cyber security for Members when working away from the Estate. Proposals for steps which could be taken both in the short and longer term would be brought to a future meeting.


                  8.   Operation Black Vote's MP shadowing scheme

                  The Committee agreed to consider the request at a later date in the context of outstanding recommendations from the Speaker's Conference on Parliamentary Representation.

                  9.   Personal case – legal costs

                  The Committee agreed not to provide financial support in the personal case raised.


                  10.   Date of next meeting

                    The next meeting of the Commission/MEC will take place on Monday 23 May 2016 at 5.00pm in Speaker's House.

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