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House of Commons Commission decisions – 17 December 2018

20 December 2018


  • The Speaker, in the Chair
  • Sir Paul Beresford
  • Tom Brake
  • Stewart Hosie
  • Andrea Leadsom
  • Valerie Vaz
  • Dame Rosie Winterton
  • David Natzler (Clerk of the House)
  • Ian Ailles (Director General)
  • Jane McCall (External member)
  • Dr Rima Makarem (External member)


1.    Post Cox Activities

The Commission agreed a small informal working group should be established to examine and report on the third key recommendation made by Dame Laura Cox in relation to the independence of the process for determining complaints of bullying, harassment or sexual harassment brought by House staff against Members of Parliament.


2.    Administration and Members Estimate and the Votes on Account for 2019–20

The Commission

  • Agreed to update the remit;
  • Agreed a 2019–20 Administration Estimate of £434.3m resource and £244.1m capital;
  • Agreed a Vote on Account for the Administration Estimate for 2019–20 of £195.4m resource, £109.8m capital and £235.5m cash;
  • Agreed a delegation to the Accounting Officer to adjust the Administration Resource Estimate to include additional pension contributions if necessary;
  • Noted progress on the Efficiencies Programme, and asked the Finance Committee to consider the potential scope for future efficiencies;
  • Noted the Medium Term Financial Plan;
  • Noted the Medium Term Investment Plan;
  • Noted the update on Fees and Charges;
  • Agreed that grants for 2019–20 to the BGIPU and BIPA be inflated by 1%, to CPA UK be inflated by 2.8%, to BAPG and the History of Parliament Trust be inflated by 2.0% and that other grants, including to the Association of Former Members, be inflated by a maximum of 2%.
  • Agreed a Supplementary Estimate for 2018–19 to reduce resource by £25m, capital by £50m and cash by £40m.

The Members Estimate Committee agreed a 2019–20 Members Estimate of £17.7m resource; and a Vote on Account of £8.0m resource, and £8.0m cash.


3.    Changes to the availability of alcohol on the estate
The Commission agreed:

  • Alcohol should only be sold in designated bars, retail outlets and restaurants, and for banqueting.
  • Alcohol-free areas should be encouraged and expanded.
  • A communication should be sent to Members and staff on refraining from returning to offices to drink after bars shut.
  • Alcohol promotional advertisements should not be run. 


4.    Papers to note:

The Commission took note of the following papers:

  • Security Programme / Progress Report Against Murphy Review / Security Risk
  • Draft Forward Programme

5.    Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Commission/MEC will take place on Monday 28 January 2019 at 5.00 pm in Speaker's House.

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