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Welcome from Mr Speaker

1 June 2020

Message from Sir Lindsay Hoyle

As your new Speaker – and chairman of the Commission – I intend to make the House of Commons Commission more transparent.

From now on, the agenda will be publicised online, giving interested parties – such as the unions – a chance to make their representations known. We will flag up some of the more newsworthy items so that MPs, staff and even journalists, can see what we are discussing. Decisions will be written up in a more accessible and user-friendly style, so we can all understand what has taken place.

After all, the Commission oversees the administration of ‘our village'. It is the employer of House staff, sets salaries and is responsible for maintaining the Palace and the rest of the Parliamentary Estate.

But it is more than a place of work. It is a community, and at the heart of our community must be respect. It is why I am keen to make the health, wellbeing and safety of MPs, House staff and MPs' staff a top priority. In fact, I want us to become one of the best employers – a place where people aspire to work and where everyone can achieve their ambitions.

It is with that respect in mind that I intend to make our meetings more convenient for Commissioners, guests and staff. Instead of being held on Monday evenings, with the risk of Chamber business causing the meetings to start late into the evening or face cancellation, they will be held on Monday mornings.

Meetings will keep to time and guests will be kept informed about when they are likely to be called, so they are not kept waiting unnecessarily. And, if in the unlikely event I cannot chair the Commission, another Commissioner will step in.

I would also like to see the Commission and the Speaker held to account regularly, in a similar style to the way the Liaison Committee takes evidence from the Prime Minister usually three times a year.

From now on, our House of Commons Commission will have an open-door policy. Unless the business relates to an individual or security is at stake, you will know what is being discussed.

Image copyright: Jessica Taylor / UK Parliament