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Unions to give staff a voice at Commission

16 January 2020

Unions to give staff a voice at House of Commons Commission

Unions representing House of Commons staff will be invited to attend meetings of the Commission from next month.

The plan was proposed by Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who is keen that all voices are heard from across the estate.

Bringing in the unions would give staff a chance to make their representations known directly to the people making the decisions, he said.

The Commission also heard that more than 100 of the 140 new MPs elected in December have undergone anti-bullying training - with more sessions underway.

The Valuing Everyone course was introduced alongside the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme in 2018.

The high levels of participation demonstrate the importance placed upon the anti-bullying scheme by new Members, the House of Commons Commission was told.

Julie Harding, the Independent Director for Cultural Transformation, said she believed the culture of Parliament would change as new generations of MPs come through.

She also praised staff for their "unique ability and eagerness" to change behaviours - claiming they were among "some of the most professional and passionate colleagues I have ever had the pleasure to work with".

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