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Commission decisions by correspondence – 1 April 2020

4 March 2020


  • The Speaker, in the Chair
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg
  • Valerie Vaz
  • Sir Charles Walker
  • Dame Rosie Winterton
  • Pete Wishart
  • Dr John Benger (Clerk of the House)
  • Ian Ailles (Director General, House of Commons)
  • Jane McCall (External member)
  • Dr Rima Makarem (External member)

Under the procedures agreed by the Commission for its own business, the assent of four Commissioners constitutes agreement to a paper circulated for agreement by correspondence.

1.   Restoration and Renewal Programme: Estimate for 2020–21

The Commission agreed an initial Phase 1 Expenditure Limit of £27.5 million under Schedule 4 to the 2019 Act.[1] This figure is also the R&R Sponsor Body Estimate for 2020–21, to be laid before the House of Commons in April 2020, and which is subject to future revision as set out in Schedule 4.

It is expected that the funding will support the work of the Sponsor Body for the first three months of its operation, and that the Commission will consider a revision to the Phase I Expenditure Limit and the associated Supplementary Estimate for the Body later in the Spring.

2.   Draft Parliamentary Relationship Agreement between Parliament and the R&R Sponsor Body

The Commission:

  • Approved the terms of the PRA;
  • Noted its continuing role regarding the Programme, with reference to the Act and the proposed terms of the PRA; and
  • Agreed to the proposed publication of the PRA, including the suggested measures for bringing it to the attention of both Houses and the public.

3.   Determination of complaints against MPs without Member involvement

The Commission noted that implementation will continue in line with its unanimous decision of 10 February, and that it will be asked to reach a view on the outstanding issues raised in the consultation at its meeting on 27 April.

4.   UK Sovereign Sukuk in relation to Parliament's use of the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

The Commission noted the paper.

5.    Cultural transformation: progress update

The Commission noted: 

  • A status update on the reports by Dame Laura Cox QC, and Gemma White QC, and the 6-month review of the ICGS;
  • The cultural transformation progress dashboard; and
  • The action being taken in response.

6.   Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Commission/MEC will take place on Monday 6 April at 10.00 am by Skype.

[1] This decision was communicated to the House of Lords Commission, which agreed the Phase 1 Expenditure Limit of £27.5 million at its meeting on 2 April.

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