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House of Commons Commission decisions – 10 February 2020

13 February 2020


  • The Speaker, in the Chair
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg
  • Dame Rosie Winterton
  • Dr John Benger (Clerk of the House)
  • Ian Ailles (Director General)
  • Jane McCall (External member)
  • Dr Rima Makarem (External member)


  • Sir Paul Beresford
  • Valerie Vaz
  • Pete Wishart

1.  Reports and updates

The Commission took note of updates from:

a.    Unions and Members' staff representatives
b.    the Director General
c.    Dr Rima Makarem – Audit Committee

2.  Determination of complaints without Member involvement: working group update

The Commission:

  • agreed its preferred option for implementing the recommendation, which would involve the setting up of a new independent panel of experts with the power to determine ICGS cases and decide on sanctions; and
  • agreed that formal consultation on the selected preferred option be undertaken.

3.  ICGS changes and “Value Everyone” attendee information

The Commission:

  • considered the proposed changes to terminology in the ICGS policies in line with the Equality Act 2010 and agreed to ask the Leader of the House to arrange for the House to consider those changes, and
  • agreed to continue working with the parties to encourage completion of the ‘Valuing Everyone' training.

4.  Elizabeth Tower refurbishment update

The Commission:

  • noted the request to the Director General and Accounting Officers for additional funding, and the reasons for it; and
  • agreed an approach to communications relating to the project.

5.  Committee on Standards lay member recruitment process

The Commission:

  • Considered arrangements for recruiting two new lay members of the Committee on Standards, to replace two members whose terms expire in May 2020;
  • agreed the appointment of a panel to report back to the Commission with recommendations; and
  • agreed a draft person specification.

6.  Papers to note

The Commission/MEC took note of the following papers:

  • Risk Management Update: January 2020
  • Gemma White QC's Recommendations: Creation of a Members' Services Team
  • Draft Forward Programme

7.  Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Commission/MEC will take place on Monday 9 March at 10.00 am in Speaker's House.

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