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House of Commons Commission decisions – 13 January 2020

22 January 2020


  • The Speaker, in the Chair
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg
  • Valerie Vaz
  • Dame Rosie Winterton
  • Pete Wishart
  • Dr John Benger (Clerk of the House)
  • Ian Ailles (Director General)
  • Jane McCall (External member)
  • Dr Rima Makarem (External member)


  • Sir Paul Beresford


1. New Member – Declaration of Financial Interests

Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle confirmed there were no additional interests he wished to declare to those already circulated.

2. Reports and updates

The Commission took note of updates from the external Commissioners and from the Director General.

3. Determination of complaints without Member involvement: working group update - Verbal update

The Commission noted the verbal update on progress since its October meeting, and that it would consider a paper setting out options for it to evaluate its meeting on 10 February prior to final consultation.

4. Cultural transformation: status and transition

The Commission considered:

  • The status of the Culture Transformation Programme as it transitions into the House Service organisational structure from February 2020;
  • The role of the Commission and the wider membership of the House in supporting the Programme; and
  • The future role of the Commission in governance of the Programme.

5. Members' staff HR department

The Commission endorsed in principle the creation of a Members' Services Team, subject to agreement on funding; and considered the potential provision of support for MP staff representatives. It agreed to further consider both issues at its meeting on 10 February.

6. Update on the Moves Programme, Accommodation for Members during the Northern Estate Programme, and reviewing the use of the House of Commons Library

The Commission: 

  • Reviewed its decision from July 2019 regarding allocation of space for Members within the Palace, and agreed to reverse its decision in respect of the proposed use of House of Commons Library space for decant;
  • Noted the constraints on accommodation space for Members during the Northern Estate Programme; and
  • Considered the strategic direction it wished to take an engagement with IPSA regarding constituency office accommodation for London MPs.

The Commission agreed to consider a further update on the Moves Programme at its meeting on 10 February.

7. Restoration and Renewal Programme update

The Commission took note of:

  • The establishment of the Sponsor Body and Delivery Authority as substantive bodies, including the appointment of the substantive Sponsor Board by both Houses;
  • The proposed role of Sponsor Body spokespeople in each House;
  • The arrangements for laying the first R&R estimate for 2020-21 and the appointment of the Estimates Commission;
  • The development of the Parliamentary Relationship Agreement between both Houses and the Sponsor Body; and
  • The arrangements for formally designating the Northern Estate Programme within the scope of the substantive Sponsor Body and Delivery Authority.

8. Estimates for 2020-21, Medium Term Financial Plans for 2020-21 to 2023-24; and Supplementary Estimate 2019-20

The Commission discussed the draft Estimates for 2020-21 and the Medium Term Financial Plans for 2020-21 to 2023-24, and agree to consider these again at its next meeting.

9. Papers to note

The Commission took note of the following papers:

  • Shadow Sponsor Body Q2 Report
  • Response from IPSA on CCTV funding
  • Draft Forward Programme
  • Deliberations of Monday 28 October 2019

10. Any other business:


11. Date of next meeting:

The next meeting of the Commission/MEC will take place on Monday 3 February at 5.15 pm in Speaker's House.

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