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ICAI’s review on Assessing UK aid’s results in education
Opened 26 May 2022
ICAI’s review on tackling fraud in UK aid through multilateral organisations
Opened 12 May 2022
ICAI's review on the UK aid response to COVID-19
Opened 7 March 2022
ICAI’s review on UK aid’s approach to youth employment in the Middle East and North Africa
Opened 21 October 2021
ICAI's review on International Climate Finance: UK aid for halting deforestation and preventing irreversible biodiversity loss
On 8 February 2022
Govt. response:
Since 8 April 2022
Opened 17 September 2021
ICAI’s information note on UK’s aid engagement with China
Opened 14 September 2021
ICAI’s review on tackling fraud in UK aid
Opened 18 June 2021
ICAI's review on The UK’s approach to tackling modern slavery through the aid programme
On 4 November 2021
Govt. response:
On 4 February 2022
Opened 18 March 2021
ICAI's review on Assessing DFID’s results in nutrition
On 21 July 2021
Govt. response:
On 22 October 2021
Opened 9 February 2021
ICAI's review of support for the African Development Bank
On 5 May 2021
Govt. response:
On 23 July 2021
Opened 30 November 2020
ICAI’s information note on Mapping the UK’s approach to tackling corruption and illicit financial flows
Opened 12 November 2020
How UK aid learns
Opened 3 July 2020
ICAI's review on the changing nature of UK aid in Ghana
On 20 November 2020
Opened 19 June 2020
ICAI's review on the Newton Fund
On 15 June 2020
Govt. response:
On 8 September 2020
Opened 20 April 2020
ICAI's review on CDC's investments in low-income and fragile states inquiry
Opened 22 May 2019
ICAI's review on DFID's partnerships with civil society organisations inquiry
Opened 11 March 2019
ICAI's review of the UK's approach to funding the UN humanitarian system inquiry
Opened 11 February 2019
ICAI's review on DFID's transport and infrastructure investments inquiry
Opened 7 January 2019
DFID's approach to value for money through tendering and contract management inquiry
Opened 28 November 2018
ICAI's review on Assessing DFID's results in improving Maternal Health inquiry
Opened 14 November 2018
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