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UK support to the African Development Bank examined

10 December 2020

The International Development Sub-Committee on the work of the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) will be holding an evidence session on UK support to the African Development Bank.

Monday 14 December 2020 (Virtual meeting)

  • Please note there is no physical access to Parliament
  • Session will be conducted with remote participation by witnesses and Committee members

Witnesses from 14:30

  • James Duddridge MP, Minister for Africa, FCDO
  • Debbie Palmer, Africa Director, FCDO
  • Phil Stevens, Deputy Director, International Financial Institutions Department FCDO

Witnesses from 15:15

  • Dr Tamsyn Barton, Chief Commissioner, ICAI
  • Marc Stephens, Team Leader, ICAI review of UK support to African Development Group

Witnesses from 15:45

  • Simon Mizrahi, Director, African Development Bank Group
  • Colin Buckley, General Counsel, CDC Group
  • Professor Stephany Griffith-Jones, Financial Markets Director, Initiative for Policy Dialogue, Columbia University

Purpose of the Session

The overarching objective of the African Development Bank is to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries, thus contributing to poverty reduction. The UK joined the lending and grants arm of the Bank in 1973, and became a member in 1983.

The session will hear from Minister James Duddridge and others including a representative of the Bank and ICAI's Chief Commissioner Dr Tamsyn Barton. The Committee will be exploring the thinking behind ICAI’s review of the effectiveness of UK support, and questioning the Minister and officials on their response to the review and future policy in relation to the Bank.

This work by the Sub-Committee follows publication in July 2020 of ICAI’s review of UK support for the Bank and of the Government's response in September 2020.

Further information

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