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Capita examined on the treatment of MoD contracted staff

22 October 2021

On 28 October, at 9.00, representatives from Capita will face questions from the Defence Sub-Committee on the Treatment of Contracted Staff for the MOD’s Ancillary Services.

Purpose of the session

The session will likely cover the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) outsourcing practices and the defence contracts held by Capita, including their role providing some of the Defence Fire and Rescue Service, with questions potentially looking at changes to firefighter numbers and the treatment of staff. More broadly, Capita will likely face questions on engagement with unions and the defence community, as well as the treatment of staff and their ‘social value’ contribution.

Richard Holroyd has served as Managing Director of Fire and Security for Capita Defence since January 2021. Previously, Mr Holroyd has worked for Centrica, the Ministry of Defence and BT. Alex Clark is currently Chief Fire Officer at Capita Fire and Rescue, and has served within the fire and rescue service for 30 years.


Thursday 28 October 2021

At 09.00:

  • Richard Holroyd, Managing Director, Capita Defence, Fire and Security
  • Alex Clark, Chief Fire Officer, Capita Fire and Rescue

Further information

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