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Brexit and UK space leadership

6 June 2019

The EU Internal Market Sub-Committee asks US-based The Aerospace Corporation for its view on what Brexit means for UK space leadership.


Thursday 6 June, Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster 
At 10.10am 

  • Jamie Morin, Vice President, Defense Systems Operations, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Gina Galasso, Managing Director, Vaeros Ltd
  • Robert Wilson, Policy Analyst, Center for Space Policy and Strategy

Likely questions 

Questions likely to be covered in the session include:

  • Should the UK prioritise maintaining close cooperation with EU space activities after Brexit, or strengthening cooperation with the globally-dominant US and China?
  • What will Brexit mean for the role of the UK Space Agency? How well-equipped is it to meet changing demands?
  • Does Brexit have any implications for the UK's small satellite industry?
  • What other comparative strengths does the UK have in the global space market?

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