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Driverless car demonstration by Transport Systems Catapult on Committee visit

9 June 2016

The EU Internal Market Sub-Committee see a demonstration of a driverless car and visit an independent vehicle emissions testing facility.

Committee Visit

Arriving in an electric bus provided by British bus manufacturer Optare, peers meet the CEO of Millbrook Group, Alex Burns, and take a tour of Millbrook's vehicle emissions testing laboratory and test track. The visit forms part of an examination of an EU proposal to change the way vehicle emissions are tested. Members also see Millbrook's full scale crash test laboratory.
Members of the Sub-Committee visit the technology innovation centre, Transport Systems Catapult, to see a demonstration of a driverless pod prototype. The visit helps demonstrate the technological and regulatory challenges of making driverless cars a reality.
The objective of the visit is to explore areas of EU legislation which the Sub-Committee currently scrutinises, and which may form the basis of a fuller investigation in the future.

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