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Lawyers, engineers and aviation experts give evidence on Brexit

27 October 2016

The EU Internal Market Sub-Committee continues taking evidence on their inquiry "Brexit: future UK and EU trade in services" from  experts in the legal, engineering and aviation industries.


Thursday 27 October in Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 10.10am

  • Sally Jones, Director of Tax Policy Group, Deloitte LLP
  • Ian Harris, Director, Z/Yen Group Limited
  • MickaĆ«l Laurans, Head of Brussels Office, the Law Society
  • James Kenny, Head of Global Affairs, Arup

At 11.10am

  • Brian Pearce, Chief Economist, International Air Transport Association
  • Barry Humphreys, BKH Aviation
  • Sophie Dekkers, UK Country Director, Easyjet

Likely questions

The Lords' EU Internal Market Sub-Committee is carrying out an inquiry into future UK and EU trade in services post Brexit. Possible questions for the witnesses include:

  • To what extent would WTO membership allow trading to continue as normal, given the imperfect nature of the Single Market for Services? Is the WTO's Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) a viable alternative to membership of the Single Market?
  • Would the loss of access to the EU's Free Trade Agreements with third countries make it more difficult for you to trade with those countries?
  • How significant is the risk that UK carriers could end up with significantly reduced access to the European market? Are some types of trade in aviation more at risk than others?
  • Other service sectors have suggested that free movement of persons is important for them to provide services across borders or to access talent from outside the UK. Would changes to the principle of free movement have significance for your sector?
  • What specific arrangements must the Government secure in negotiations with the EU if your sector is to be protected and continue to grow in the future?

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