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What are the sectoral implications of abolishing seasonal time changes?

17 October 2019

The EU Internal Market Sub-Committee discusses the Commission's proposal to discontinue seasonal changes of time in the EU, and factors to be considered by the Government in any future decision, with experts and representatives from the road safety, air transport and electricity sectors. 


Thursday 17 October, Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster 

At 11.00am 

  • Nick Lloyd, Head of Road Safety, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) 
  • Dr Justin Andrews, Head of Design Authority, ELEXON 
  • Philip Ireland, Manager, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Possible questions 

Questions likely to be covered in the session include: 

  • What engagement, if any, have you had with the Government on the proposal so far?
  • If the proposal is agreed when the UK is no longer bound by EU law, the Government will be faced with the choice of maintaining seasonal time changes or abolishing them in line with its EU neighbours. What factors should the Government consider in making this choice? 
  • If the UK is required by EU law to discontinue seasonal time changes, or decides to do so, what adjustments would be necessary in your respective sectors?

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