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Implications of ending clock changes investigated in new inquiry

22 July 2019

The EU Internal Market Sub-Committee has launched a new inquiry into the implications for the UK of the European Commission's proposal to end seasonal clock changes in the EU. The inquiry will consider what preparations the Government should make for the possibility that the proposal is adopted, and what factors should inform its approach.

Focus of the inquiry

The inquiry will explore:

  • If and how the Government should consult on the proposal
  • The implications of UK non-alignment, especially for Northern Ireland
  • How the decision between permanent summer-time or winter-time should be made, if needed
  • The role of the devolved administrations and regions of the UK in the decision-making process
  • Preparations being made in the rest of the EU and in affected non-EU countries

Chairman's comments

Chair of the Committee, Baroness Donaghy, said:

“The European Commission has proposed to end seasonal changes of time in the EU. If adopted, this proposal will have consequences for the UK under any Brexit scenario. The House of Lords EU Internal Market Committee will explore what preparations the Government needs to make, and what factors should inform the UK's response.”

"The Committee welcomes submissions to the inquiry, and urges organisations, businesses and individuals to take part."


The deadline for written submissions is 30 August 2019. The Committee will hold oral evidence sessions for the inquiry between September and November 2019.

Further information