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Legal experts questioned on enforcement and dispute resolution post-Brexit

6 February 2018

The EU Justice Sub-Committee meets legal experts to discuss options for the UK's legal interactions with the EU post-Brexit.


Tuesday 6 February in Committee Room  3, Palace of Westminster

At 10.45am

  • Professor Catherine Barnard, Professor of European Law, Cambridge University
  • Hugh Mercer QC, Chair of the Bar Council Brexit Working Group

Topics for discussion

  • What alternatives does the UK have to the jurisdiction of the CJEU, and what implications might they have e.g. costs?
  • Is "docking" with the EFTA court a practical option?
  • Is it sensible to suggest that the UK could use different models of enforcement and dispute resolution to deal with different areas of law e.g. trade, citizens' rights, and justice and home affairs?
  • What are the issues for maintaining cooperation on family law and on the European Arrest Warrant?
  • Does the EU (Withdrawal) Bill allow for the proposed transition period?

Further information

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