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International legal experts discuss EU citizens' rights after Brexit

6 September 2016

The EU Justice Sub-Committee takes evidence from Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, Queen Mary School of Law, University of London; and Professor Vaughan Lowe QC, Essex Court Chambers. The evidence session will mark the launch of their new inquiry: Brexit: acquired rights.


Tuesday 13 September in Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 11:00am

  • Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, Anniversary Chair in Law,
    co-director, Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context,
    Queen Mary School of Law, University of London;
  • Professor Vaughan Lowe QC, Essex Court Chambers

Topics for discussion

Following the result of the EU referendum in June, there is much concern about the consequences of the UK's withdrawal from the EU on the rights currently enjoyed by all EU citizens, workers and companies by virtue of EU Membership. EU law confers on EU citizens a panoply of rights including the right to move, work, and retire within the EU's Member States. Additionally, companies and businesses enjoy rights to trade and operate throughout the EU's Single Market.

In order to address the crucial question whether, and to what extent, these rights might be enforceable when the UK leaves the EU, the EU Justice Sub-Committee, under the Chairmanship of Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws, has invited Professor Douglas-Scott, Anniversary Chair in Law at Queen Mary University of London, and Professor Vaughan Lowe QC to appear before the Committee.

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