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Belgian Embassy discusses border and asylum cooperation after Brexit

15 July 2019

The EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence from the Deputy Head of Mission at the Belgian Embassy in London.


The Sub-Committee has launched an inquiry into future UK-EU asylum cooperation. This inquiry will look at the UK's current relationship with the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) and consider what type of agreement the UK should seek with the EU on asylum cooperation after Brexit. In this session, Deputy Head of Mission Jan Bayart will explain how UK-Belgian border cooperation currently operates and how it might be affected by Brexit. The Committee will also discuss what form future border and asylum cooperation may take in the future, including in a 'no deal' scenario, and whether it can continue on a bilateral basis.


Wednesday 17 July 2019, Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am:

  • Jan Bayart, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Belgium in the United Kingdom

Possible Questions

Topics likely to be covered in the session include:

  • Can you give us an overview of the public response to the 2015 migration crisis in Belgium?
  • Has the UK-France crackdown on the migrant camps at Calais helped to tackle undocumented migration and people-smuggling, or simply pushed this problem into Belgium?
  • How do UK and Belgian police and border agencies work together in the operation of the juxtaposed controls, and in tackling immigration and border crimes?
  • What are the implications of a ‘no deal' scenario for UK-Belgium border cooperation?

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