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Future UK-EU asylum cooperation – call for evidence launched

3 May 2019

The EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee launches a call for evidence for its inquiry into Brexit: future UK-EU asylum cooperation.


The White Paper on the future UK-EU relationship set out the Government's ambition to establish a new, strategic relationship with the EU to address the global challenges of asylum and illegal migration. The UK currently opts into some aspects of the EU's Common European Asylum System (CEAS), such as Dublin III and EURODAC, but not others. The Government has indicated it intends to seek an agreement with the EU, or individual Member States, to maintain some form of asylum cooperation after Brexit.

Scope of the inquiry

The Sub-Committee has launched an inquiry into future UK-EU asylum cooperation. The inquiry will look at the UK's current relationship with CEAS and consider what type of agreement the UK should seek with the EU on asylum cooperation after Brexit. In particular, the committee will examine the potential UK-EU relationship with regard to the Dublin system, standards of protection and assistance, the Immigration Liaison Officer network, readmission agreements with third countries, and the Asylum and Migration Fund.

Further information

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