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Brexit: UK-EU movement of people inquiry launched

3 November 2016

The EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee launches a new inquiry into Brexit: UK-EU movement of people.


The House of Lords EU Committee and its six Sub-Committees are conducting a coordinated series of short inquiries looking at the key issues that will arise in the forthcoming negotiations on Brexit.

Scope of the inquiry

The Sub-Committee's inquiry will look at possible arrangements for migration of EU citizens to the UK, and their potential implications for UK citizens moving to the EU, after the UK has ceased to be a member of the EU. These arrangements would potentially replace the current right of ‘free movement' between the UK and EU for EU citizens.

The Committee will seek to identify key choices facing the Government as it develops its negotiating stance. The overarching aim of the inquiry will be to set out the broad options available to the UK, together with their potential benefits and drawbacks.

The Committee's inquiry will not cover the status of EU citizens already resident in the UK (which is the subject of a separate inquiry by the Justice Sub-Committee.) Other aspects of migration policy after the UK leaves the EU (e.g. asylum and refugees, non-EU/EEA migration) will also be outside the scope of this inquiry.

The Committee will begin taking oral evidence for this inquiry in late November.

Further information

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