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Think tanks give evidence on the proposed UK-EU security treaty

28 March 2018

The EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence from think tanks on the practical and legal challenges for negotiating a security treaty with the EU, as well as what such a treaty might cover.


Wednesday 28 March 2018, Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Dr Marco Stefan, Research Fellow, Justice and Home Affairs Section, Centre for European Policy Studies
  • Camino Mortera-Martinez, Research Fellow and Brussels Representative, Centre for European Reform

Possible questions

  • In an ideal world, what is your vision of the "closest possible cooperation" on security cooperation between the UK and EU27 post-Brexit?
  • What impact do you think the transitional agreement will have on the prospects of agreeing a security treaty between the UK and the EU?
  • What should be the scope of the proposed UK-EU security treaty? Are there any issues which might not be best covered by this type of arrangement?

Further information

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