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Sports Minister responds to letter on movement of people post-Brexit

15 August 2018

The House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee has received a letter from Tracey Crouch MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport and Civil Society, responding to the Committee's letter about the movement of people in the field of sport after Brexit.


The Committee wrote to the Minister after its inquiry into 'Brexit: freedom of movement in the fields of sport and culture', highlighting concerns about the impact Brexit will have on EU citizens working in the UK sports sector and asking for clarification on the UK Government's policy.

In its letter, the Committee asked the Minister the following questions:

  • Has the Government made an analysis of the number of EU27 citizens working in the UK sports sector?
  • Has the Government considered the effect of ending free movement on sports such as horseracing?
  • Has the Government assessed whether extra Tier 5 or Tier 2 visas will need to be issued for EU27 sportspeople wishing to enter the UK post-Brexit, and if so, how many extra visas might be needed? How will non-elite EU27 sportspeople enter the UK after the end of the transition period? Will the Government introduce a preferential system for EU27 sportspeople, or will they fall under the rules that currently exist for non-EU sportspeople?
  • How, if at all, will the Government protect the "business of sport" from any negative effects associated with ending free movement?
  • Has the Government given any consideration to introducing a seasonal workers scheme for EU27 workers in the sports sector?
  • Has the Government assessed how UK sports, from the elite to the grassroots level, would be affected should the UK no longer be able to make use of the Kolpak ruling?
  • The Government's current proposal is for an "association agreement" with the EU. Under the terms of an association agreement, would UK sportspeople be able to play in EU sports teams as "homegrown" players, post-Brexit? And could EU sportspeople continue to play in the UK as such?
  • How, if at all, does the Government plan to ensure that sportspeople, other sports sector workers, and fans, are able to travel and work in the EU after the transition period?
  • What will the Government offer to the EU in return?

The Committee received the Minister's response on 10 August 2018.

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