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Brexit: movement of people in the fields of sports and culture inquiry launched

31 January 2018

The EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee launches a new inquiry into the movement of people in the fields of sport and culture after Brexit.


The House of Lords EU Committee and its six Sub-Committees are conducting a series of inquiries looking at the key issues that will arise in the negotiations on Brexit.

Scope of the inquiry

EU/EEA nationals wishing to immigrate or move temporarily to the UK to work in the fields of sport and culture (and vice versa) currently enjoy freedom of movement. But those from non-EU/EEA countries must be sponsored by a relevant governing body (for example, the Football Association) or obtain an endorsement that the applicant is a recognised or emerging leader in their field. BBC research has shown that without freedom of movement, 332 current players in the English Premier League, the Championship and the Scottish Premier League would not meet the requirements for non-EU/EEA nationals, while UK Music's 2016 Diversity Strategy found that 10% of the UK music industry workforce held an EU passport for a non-UK member state.

This inquiry will examine possible future arrangements for the movement of people between the UK and EU in the fields of sports and culture, and the impact that these arrangements could have.

Further information 

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