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Christian Odendahl gives evidence on Economic policy

15 December 2015

The EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee continues its inquiry on Europe's Economic and Monetary Union by hearing evidence from Christian Odendahl, Chief Economist, Centre for European Reform. This is the fourth evidence session of the inquiry which focuses on the emphasis on European economic and monetary union in the Five Presidents' Report.


Wednesday 16 December in Committee Room 3A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.15am:

  • Christian Odendahl, Chief Economist, Centre for European Reform

Possible questions

The witness is likely to answer questions on the following areas:

  • The Five Presidents' Report and the actions introduced in the short term by the European Commission on 21 October
  • Direct or indirect impacts of the actions identified by the European Commission to complete Europe's Economic and Monetary Union on non-euro area Member States, particularly the UK and the direct impacts on Germany
  • Whether banking union is likely to be completed by some form of common deposit insurance
  • How financial union might contribute to Economic and Monetary Union
  • The evolving role and growing powers of the European Central Bank
  • The definition, impact and practicalities of fiscal union
  • Whether the plans for governance reform take sufficient account of the need to boost growth and jobs
  • Whether the differences in policy preferences among Eurozone countries can be reconciled

Further information

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