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Post-Brexit trade in food and oil industries examined by Committee

24 October 2016

The EU External Affairs Sub-Committee holds a double evidence session with leading industry representatives in the food and beverages sector and oil and petroleum sector as part of its inquiry "Brexit: future trade between the UK and the EU in goods".


Thursday 27 October, Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 10:05am

  • Professor Tim Lang, Founder, Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London, and
  • Mr Peter Hardwick, Head of Exports, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

At 11:15am

  • Mr Chris Hunt, Director General, UK Petroleum Industry Association, and
  • Mr Michael Tholen, Director of Upstream Policy, Oil and Gas UK

Likely questions

The first evidence session focuses on the food and beverages industry and centres on tariff barriers and non-tariff barriers for trade with the EU. Questions include:

  • What are the key implications of the UK leaving the Customs Union?
  • What non-tariff barriers and licensing requirements will the industry have to consider after Brexit?
  • How important is continued or equivalent access to the EU's Free Trade Agreements with third countries to this sector? What particular barriers to trade should the Government tackle in new Free Trade Agreements?
  • What impact is the depreciation of the pound having on the food and beverages industry?

The second evidence session discusses the most important issues the UK oil and petroleum industry faces post-Brexit. Questions include:

  • How would the imposition of tariff barriers or the rules of origin for trade with the EU affect the UK's oil and petroleum industry? What effect might this have within the industry's supply chain and in exports of downstream products to the EU?
  • How important would ongoing compliance with EU rules and standards be for the trade of oil and petroleum products between the UK and EU?
  • What impact is Brexit expected to have on the availability of investment into the industry?
  • What impact is the depreciation of the pound having on the oil and petroleum industry?

Further information

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