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EU External Affairs Sub-Committee

Lords Select Committee

This sub-committee ceased to exist on 23 April 2020, when The European Union Committee adopted a new structure to reflect the United Kingdom's changed relationship with the European Union.


Inquiries allow committees to consider oral and written evidence on a particular topic. They usually result in the publication of a report.

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Latest publications

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Letter from the Secretary of State for International Development to the Chair of the EU External Affairs Sub-Committee, dated 3 April 2020
Declaration of interests for the inquiry into International development cooperation after Brexit
Inquiry International Development Cooperation after Brexit
Declarations of interest
Declaration of Interests - Scrutiny Work 2019-2021
Declarations of interest

Contact us

  • Phone: 020 7219 6099 (committee staff) | 020 7219 5986 (Press Officer)
  • Address: EU External Affairs Sub-Committee, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW