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Carbon pricing and Brexit investigated by Committee

11 February 2019

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee hears evidence from researchers, climate experts and industry on the implications of Brexit for carbon pricing in the UK.


Wednesday 13 February in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 10.15am

  • Adrian Gault, Chief Economist, Committee on Climate Change
  • Joshua Burke, Policy Fellow, LSE Grantham Institute
  • Phil MacDonald, Acting Managing Director, Sandbag

At 11.15am

  • Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive, Energy UK
  • Roz Bulleid, Head of Climate, Energy and Environment, EEF

Areas of discussion

Carbon pricing is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the cost of emitting them. One of the main carbon pricing mechanisms in the UK is the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, but it's likely that we will withdraw from the EU ETS when we leave the EU. In this session, the Committee will explore the carbon pricing options the Government is suggesting for ‘deal' and 'no deal' scenarios.

In a 'deal' situation, the Government hopes to create a domestic emissions trading system and link it to the EU ETS. On this possibility, likely areas of questioning include:

  • What policy decisions would need to be made
  • Whether the model of the EU-Switzerland ETS link would be appropriate for the UK
  • What impact the current ban on emissions trading in the UK is having

In a 'no deal' situation, the Government intends to implement a Carbon Emissions Tax. On this possibility, likely areas of questioning include:

  • Whether the proposed Tax level is appropriate
  • What the change would mean for industry
  • The views of the devolved administrations
  • Implications for the UK's carbon budgets

Further information

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