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Brexit: chemical regulation report to be debated by House of Lords

25 March 2019

On Tuesday 26 March Lord Teverson, Chair of the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee, will highlight concerns identified by his Committee in a debate on the Government's plans for post-Brexit chemical regulations.


In November 2018 the Committee published its Brexit: chemical regulation report, identifying several significant concerns about the Government's plans. The Government has now proposed legislation that will replicate the EU regime for chemical regulation, known as REACH. That legislation will be debated by the House of Lords on Tuesday 26 March.


Lord Teverson had tabled an amendment highlighting his Committee's remaining concerns. Points he will raise during the debate include:

  • The potential for the number of chemicals available in the UK to decrease
  • The potential costs to UK businesses of re-registering their chemicals
  • The fact that it may be impossible to avoid duplicating some animal testing
  • Whether the HSE will have enough resource to take on the role of chemical regulation, and whether the necessary staff will be recruited and trained in time
  • Whether the proposed system for chemical risk assessments is as rigorous as that in place under EU REACH
  • The fact that some companies are unaware of the obligations and costs that they would be subject to in a 'no deal' scenario.

The debate on the Statutory Instrument and Lord Teverson's amendment is likely to start at approximately 3pm.

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