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Brexit implications for environment policy examined by committee

14 July 2016

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee questions experts about the possible impact of Brexit on EU and UK environment policy.


Wednesday 20 July in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 11.00am

  • Martin Nesbit, Senior Fellow and Head of Environment and Climate Governance Programme, Institute for European Environmental Policy
  • Dr Charlotte Burns, Senior Lecturer, University of York
  • Professor Andrew Jordan, Professor of Environmental Science, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia

Likely Questions

  • What will be the main short- and long-term impact of Brexit on environment policy in the UK? 
  • What EU environmental measures are expected in the coming two years? Is there scope for the UK to continue to play a role in shaping these policies?
  • What EU laws and requirements the UK will continue to be bound by (explicitly or implicitly), depending on the nature of the future relationship with the EU?
  • To what extent will the UK need to align its environment policy with EU policy and standards to continue to trade in the Single Market?
  • What progress has the UK made towards meeting EU standards on air quality, water quality and waste management targets?
  • What should be the priorities for the UK's future relationship with the EU on environmental issues? What might this mean for the negotiations?

Further Information

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