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Ministers quizzed on ‘no deal' energy and environment plans

20 December 2018

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee is continuing its scrutiny of the Government's preparations for a 'no deal' Brexit scenario.

The Committee has been corresponding with Defra Minister Rt Hon Michael Gove MP and BEIS Minister Rt Hon Claire Perry MP regarding their preparations for a ‘no deal' Brexit in relation to environment, energy and climate change, and considered their latest replies on 19 December.

The Committee thanked Defra Minister Michael Gove MP for the information he provided in his last letter, and requested clarification on issues relating to the export of animals to the EU, fishing quotas, waste exports, veterinary capacity and the progress of statutory instruments. Members raised particular concerns regarding contingency planning for managing waste that cannot be exported in a 'no deal' scenario.

In its letter to BEIS Minister Claire Perry MP, the Committee welcomes progress regarding energy research and 'no deal' statutory instruments related to the Integrated Single Energy Market on the island of Ireland, but notes disappointment that more action has not been taken in other areas. It also asks for more detail on the Carbon Emissions Tax, intended to replace the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit.

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