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Nuclear regulator's Brexit preparedness examined by Committee

11 July 2018

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee asks whether the Office for Nuclear Regulation's Brexit preparations are on track.


Wednesday 11 July in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Mina Golshan, Deputy Chief Inspector and Divisional Director, Office for Nuclear Regulation
  • Paul Dicks, Project Lead for the UK State System of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material Project, Office for Nuclear Regulation


Euratom (the European Atomic Energy Community) implements a system of safeguards to control the use of nuclear materials. The Government has made arrangements for the UK to leave Euratom at the same time as leaving the EU, because the two share an institutional framework. However, failure to establish its own safeguarding regime before leaving Euratom may mean the UK is unable to import nuclear material, with severe consequences for energy security given that 20% of the UK's electricity comes from nuclear generation.

An internal risk register leaked in May indicated that the ONR was falling behind in its efforts to prepare for Brexit, with a number of key issues being flagged as 'red risks'. The purpose of this session is to explore what preparatory action the ONR has already taken, and what challenges remain.

Areas of discussion

Likely areas of discussion include the ONR's preparations in relation to:

  • Developing a new IT system for tracking nuclear material
  • Recruiting and training inspectors
  • Securing funding for its expanded role
  • Obtaining access to the necessary equipment.

Further information

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