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Minister questioned on sustainable fishing efforts

5 June 2019

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence from the Minister as part of its ongoing inquiry into the implementation of the EU landing obligation.


Wednesday 5 June in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster, 10.30am

  • Robert Goodwill MP, Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Nigel Gooding, Deputy Director for EU fisheries policy and negotiations, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


The Committee has been investigating the extent to which EU legislation aimed at preventing the discarding of fish at sea (which came into force in full on 1 January 2019) is being effectively implemented in the UK. The Committee have previously heard evidence that fishers may not be following the new rules, and that there are no effective tools in place to monitor compliance.

Areas of discussion

Members are likely to ask the Minister about the number of exemptions to the landing obligation that have been agreed, which will make it easier for fishers to comply but reduce the impact the legislation can have on discarding. The Committee are also likely to press the Minister on how the Government is ensuring that the rules are complied with, and ask whether a lack of compliance (coupled with the various exemptions) could result in harm to fish stocks through overfishing.

On a related, but separate, piece of work, Members are also expected to ask the Minister about the catch levels agreed at the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council in December 2018, some of which were set above the maximum level deemed to be sustainable.

Further information

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