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Government and Commission respond to report on EU energy governance

8 March 2016

The UK Government and the European Commission have separately issued responses to the EU Committee's report into the EU energy governance framework.

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee's report into EU energy governance was published on 18 December 2015. The report called on the European Commission to ensure that the proposals for a future energy governance network include:

  • legal clarity
  • a respect for Member State sovereignty
  • a focus on security of supply
  • commitment to the consumer
  • real ambition for decarbonisation
  • increased regional co-operation.

Moreover, it argued that the EU-wide binding 2030 renewables targets will not be delivered unless it is backed-up by a monitoring and enforcement mechanism that acts as a guarantor for the agreement, and ensures that Member States share the effort equitably. The European Commission is expected to bring forward legislative proposals on energy governance within the coming year.

The UK Government response was received on 29 February 2016, and the European Commission's response was received on 3 March 2016. A debate will be scheduled in the House in due course.

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