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Room for agreement on UK-EU fisheries

16 March 2020

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee writes to Secretary of State George Eustice MP to summarise the key findings from its inquiry on access to UK fisheries post-Brexit.

In February and March this year, the Committee took evidence from industry, academic and political experts about what the UK should be aiming for in its negotiations on post-Brexit access to its waters.

The Committee has now written to the Secretary of State setting out its key findings, including:

  • Contrary to public rhetoric, the fishing industry is not seeking entirely to exclude EU vessels from UK water; but changing rules on who can access the 6-12 mile zone could have significant benefits for the inshore fleet
  • Shifting to a new method of dividing fishing quotas is scientifically justified, but is likely to be resisted by the EU
  • The devolved administrations should be in the room for the negotiations on the UK-EU fishing agreement
  • Multiannual fishing plans may be a way to resolve disagreements about how frequent access negotiations should be
  • Government could do more to ensure the UK-EU fishing agreement results in sustainable fishing.

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