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EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee

Lords Select Committee

This sub-committee ceased to exist on 23 April 2020, when The European Union Committee adopted a new structure to reflect the United Kingdom's changed relationship with the European Union.

The new EU Environment Committee can be found at EU Environment Sub-Committee

Committee news

Room for agreement on UK-EU fisheries
Lords Committee scrutinises the Government on EU access to UK waters
16 March 2020
*Cancelled* How will the EU's new Circular Economy and Farm to Fork proposals affect the UK? *Cancelled*
Lords looks at the EU's plans for a circular economy and the 'Farm to Fork' strategy
13 March 2020
What next for international carbon markets?
EU Energy and Environment Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 11 March
11 March 2020
Lords Committees come together on the climate change challenge
Lords join forces to examine the Government response to the climate crisis
5 March 2020
What does the EU's carbon border adjustment mean for the UK?
Lords Committee takes evidence on how the EU's carbon border adjument might affect the UK
26 February 2020
Environment Secretary on the record: EU access to UK waters
Environment Secretary gives evidence to Lords on future EU access to UK waters
26 February 2020
Ex-EU Fisheries Chair gives evidence to Lords Committee
Lords Committee takes evidence from former Chair of the EU Fisheries Committee
26 February 2020
Access to UK fishing waters: what's the deal?
EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence at 10.30 on Wednesday 12 February 2020
12 February 2020
House of Lords committees following dissolution
Parliament was dissolved on 6 November 2019
6 November 2019
Vegetarian food names are already clear, agreed Minister
Defra Minister Zac Goldsmith responds to the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee's letter about naming vegetarian foods.
16 October 2019
Defra's no deal Brexit preparations: Minister to give evidence
The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 16 October at 10.00am
16 October 2019
Veggie tubes proposal a misteak
EU Committee writes to Defra Minister about the mistake in the EU's 'veggie tubes' proposal
24 July 2019
UK failing to implement sustainable fishing law
Energy and Environment Sub-Committee publishes its follow-up report on wasteful fish discarding
16 July 2019
European Union Committee appoints new sub-committee members
The EU Select Committee has approved changes to sub-committee membership
3 July 2019
Are "vegetarian burgers" confusing consumers?
The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee hosts a roundtable discussion on the EU Parliament proposal to restrict how vegetarian foods are named.
19 June 2019
Minister questioned on sustainable fishing efforts
Committee takes evidence from Robert Goodwill MP on sustainable fishing laws
5 June 2019
Lords Committee continues inquiry into EU fish discard legislation
The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence from the bodies responsible for enforcing fisheries legislation.
22 May 2019
Does Brexit risk more plant and animal diseases?
The House of Lords debates the EU Committee's report Brexit: plant and animal biosecurity.
13 May 2019
Has the EU's fish discard ban worked? Lords' Committee questions the fishing industry
The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence from fishing organisations and the British Ports Association on the impact of the EU landing obligation
30 April 2019
Is Defra ready for Brexit? Lords continue their inquiry
The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 3 April at 09.45am
3 April 2019
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