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Katharine Birbalsingh to be questioned on first year of Social Mobility Commission work

18 November 2022

Katharine Birbalsingh CBE, will be questioned by the Women and Equalities Committee for the first time since she was appointed as Chair of the Social Mobility Commission in November 2021. The Chair, who was appointed by former Women and Equalities Minister Liz Truss, appears alongside Deputy Chair Alun Francis OBE and Director John Craven.

Likely topics of questioning include on the appointment of seven additional Commissioners in September, the Commission’s progress on social mobility in the first year and its role in equality and Levelling Up agendas.

The Committee is also likely to follow-up on issues raised at Katharine Birbalsingh’s pre-appointment hearing. The Committee concluded in its October 2021 report that Katharine Birbalsingh is a suitable candidate for the role of Chair, though noted her “relatively narrow field of experience in secondary education” and that her “vision for social mobility beyond the sphere of education was much less clear.”

This will be the first annual scrutiny session on the work of the Social Mobility Commission since it was transferred from the Department for Education to the Cabinet Office’s Equality Hub in April 2021.


Wednesday 23 November in the Macmillan Room, Portcullis House

At 2.30pm

  • Katharine Birbalsingh CBE, Chair, Social Mobility Commission
  • Alun Francis OBE, Deputy Chair, Social Mobility Commission
  • John Craven, Director, Social Mobility Commission

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