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Education Ministers questioned on attitudes towards women and girls in educational settings

6 October 2022

MPs will question Education Ministers, Ofsted, and the Office for Students on attitudes towards women and girls in educational settings as part of the Women and Equalities Committee's ongoing work on Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

In this session, the Committee of MPs specifically investigating Attitudes towards women and girls in educational settings will meet in the final evidence session on this topic. 

The Committee will use the session to focus on the role of Ofsted and the Office for Students in addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence in educational settings and the effectiveness of the Government’s approach to the problem. Witnesses will also be questioned on what more could be done to address negative attitudes towards women and girls in educational settings.  

The session will also explore the quality of the relationships, sex and health education (RSHE) curriculum, including engaging boys and young men as well as tackling ‘lad culture’ in universities. 


Wednesday 12 October in the Grimmond Room, Portcullis House

Panel one - At 2.30pm

  • Yvette Stanley, National Director for Social Care, Ofsted
  • Andrew Cook, Regional Director for North West and West Midlands, Ofsted
  • Susan Lapworth, Chief Executive, Office for Students

Panel two - At 3.30pm

  • Andrea Jenkyns MP, Minister for Skills, Department for Education
  • Kelly Tolhurst MP, Minister for Schools and Childhood, Department for Education
  • Kate Dixon, Director of Pupil Wellbeing and Safety, Department for Education
  • Emma Davies, Deputy Director in the Higher Education Quality, Access and Student Experience Directorate, Department for Education

These evidence sessions are part of a larger body of work exploring Preventing VAWG. To find out more about this inquiry, including the recently launched inquiries into misogyny in music and the impact of pornography on violence towards women and girls, visit the Committee's webpage.  

Read the transcript from the first of the Sub-Committee's evidence sessions, which focused on early years, primary, and secondary schools, here

The transcript of the second evidence session, which focussed on the experiences of women and girls within universities and other higher education institutions, can be found here.

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