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Equality and Human Rights Commission - key equality issues in Covid-19 crisis scrutinised

20 May 2020

The aim of today's session is to examine and scrutinise the Equality and Human Rights Commission's (EHRC) views on key equality issues in the Covid-19 crisis, its role in addressing them, the actions it has taken so far, and its recommendations to the Government.


Wednesday 20 May

  • David Isaac, Chair, Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Melanie Field, Executive Director, Policy and Strategy, Equality and Human Rights Commission

Purpose of  the session

This wide ranging session will cover: health, social care, employment and the economy, income, safety, education, food and housing.

Areas for discussion are likely to include:

  • The Government's refusal to publish the Equalities Impact Assessment
  • Is additional local authority funding getting to where it's needed?
  • Pregnancy and maternity discrimination by employers
  • Income: furlough scheme and Universal Credit
  • Domestic abuse
  • Reports of over-policing of some groups
  • Education inequalities and support for vulnerable children studying at home
  • Access to food
  • Protection of vulnerable people who live in overcrowded housing

Further information

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