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MPs put spotlight on sexual harassment

2 May 2018

The Women and Equalities Committee publishes evidence and holds the first evidence session of its inquiry into sexual harassment of women and girls in public places.

Written evidence

The written evidence will be published on the inquiry publications page at approximately 10.15 on 2 May 2018.

It contains individual personal testimonies from women as well as a range of views from women's groups, researchers and public bodies on the scale and impact of sexual harassment, why it happens, and how best to prevent it and respond.

What will be covered

Topics to be covered include:

  • The scale and impact of sexual harassment of women and girls in public places, who are the perpetrators and victims, are there gaps in evidence?
  • Why does it happen, what are the links between harmful attitudes that men and boys hold and sexual harassment, can harmful attitudes and behaviours be changed?
  • What is the Government doing to respond to and prevent sexual harassment of women and girls in public places, are there gaps in law or policy?


Wednesday 2 May 2018, The Grimond Room, Portcullis House.

At 9.50am

  • David Alton, Hate Crime Manager, Nottinghamshire Police
  • Marai Larasi MBE, Director of Black feminist organisation Imkaan, activist in TimesUp movement
  • Dr Fiona Vera-Gray, researcher on sexual harassment in public places at Durham University

At approximately 10.50, via video link:

  • Gary Barker, CEO of ProMundo and author of recent study on young men's perpetration of sexual harassment

Further information

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