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Employment opportunities for Muslims in the UK

25 January 2016

The Women and Equalities Committee launches an inquiry considering the barriers and discrimination faced by Muslims in employment and the workplace, and what can be done to overcome them.


    Of all religious groups, Muslims have the lowest employment rate at 47.2%, and the highest pay gap compared with those of no religion, earning 22.5% less. Only 16% are in managerial and professional roles, against an average of 30% per cent of the general population.

    Chair's comments

    Committee Chair Maria Miller said:

    "Muslims experience some of the highest rates of unemployment and low pay in the UK, and are still under represented in many professions. We want to find out more about the causes, and particularly what role discrimination plays.

    We would like to hear directly from individuals as well as organisations: anyone can write to the committee directly about their experiences of unemployment, low pay, or workplace discrimination. Our inquiry will make recommendations which help tackle islamophobia in the workplace and increase opportunities for all."

    Written Submissions

    The Committee invites individuals and organisations to send us their thoughts on these questions:

    • How prevalent are direct and indirect discrimination towards Muslims in the workplace?
    • How effective are current formal and informal remedies for cases involving discrimination against Muslims in the workplace?
    • What are the specific challenges facing Muslim women in employment and the workplace?
    • What barriers to accessing training and employment support exist for Muslims? 
    • How effectively are employers accommodating the needs of Muslim employees?
    • What are the barriers to recruitment, retention and progression for Muslim employees in professional and managerial roles?
    • What initiatives have been successful in tackling barriers to employment faced by Muslims?

    Send a written submission via the employment opportunities for Muslims in the UK inquiry page.

    If you would like to submit evidence to the inquiry, please read Guidance on giving evidence to a Select Committee of the House of Commons.

    Further information

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